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Adventure Chef: Merge Explorer

Grow, Explore and Expand! Explore forests. volcanoes, swamps, mountains, and deserts (or is it desserts?) to unlock new ingredients, food trucks, farm crops, and cooking tools, to turn your broken down food truck into a Food Truck Empire!

Tools used: Unity, Jira, GitHub, Excel,

What Did I Do?

I focused on live service features, event design, and level design.

  • Designed multiple limited-time events, each with their own unique gameplay and reward mechanics, that led to large revenue and engagement spikes during the weekends they were active.

  • Shipped a "Pirate Treasure Chest" reward feature, which gave players agency to choose their level of risk and reward for event participation. 

  • Designed the "Creative Cooking" system, an end-game feature for players to experiment and combine ingredients to earn rewards based on discovered synergies and combos.

  • Worked closely with environment artists to develop a level-creation workflow that minimizes merge conflicts for Unity scene files.

  • Developed Google Sheets models to handle event costs, progression, and rewards.

  • Created and maintained content development templates that allowed for the bulk generation of JIRA tickets.

Pirate Cove Event
Pirate Cove Event - Unity
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