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Cloning Minecraft

Unity C#

Solo Project

My first large scale solo-project at FIEA, created originally as a final Tech Design class project, then expanded upon. We were given the means to procedurally generate a cube world in Unity and we were then left to our own devices. Some people made tower defenses, others made First Person Shooters. I sought to accurately recreate the feel and functionality of Minecraft. Some highlights include:

  • Dig and block-placing features

    • Players can dig blocks out of the environment, which adds that type of block to their inventory, which they can then place around. Done via raycasting to the surface of whatever you're looking at and  spawning a block on top of the surface's local forward.

    • The block placing system allows for the construction of whatever your heart desires. The system handles almost exactly like Minecraft. More than several times someone questioned why I was playing Minecraft at FIEA. I happily responded that this was of my own creation.

  • Occlusion Culling

    • Blocks are aware of what blocks are touching their four faces. Based on if there are blocks there, the blocks automatically turn off their mesh renderer if they can't be seen by the player.

  • Day/Night Cycle

    • Simple passage of time that rotates the main directional light's angle, toggles a different skybox at night.​

  • Polish

    • All the atmospheric touches of the actual game (with a liberal borrowing of the game's Assets).

    • Implementation of Minecraft's audio, sound effects, and trying to recreate the handling of the game as accurately as possible.

Tech Demo

Digging and Building


Occlusion Culling
Minecraft Creations
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