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Cloning Minecraft

Unity C#

Developed as a solo project at the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy in Orland, FL.

Cloning Minecraft was a Technical Design final class project that I later expanded upon. The class was given the method means to procedurally generate a world of 1x1 cubes, and I then sought to accurately recreate the feel and functionality of Minecraft.

What Did I Do?

I focused on gameplay scripting (solo project).

Some highlights of my work include:

  • Digging and block-placing features.

    • Players can dig blocks out of the environment, add that block type to their inventory, and place that block elsewhere.

    • Clicking draws a raycast from the camera and then deletes or spawns block on top of the surface's local forward.

  • Occlusion Culling

    • Building introduced performance problems due to the increased number of blocks in the scene.

    • Implemented a means to only render blocks visible to the player.

    • Blocks raycast in all four directions to determine if they have exposed faces. If so, then the block is rendered. If not, then the block is hidden.

    • Only culls on initial generation (check all cubes) and when a block is placed or destroyed (only check the cubes local to the affected area).

  • Day/Night Cycle

    • Rotates the main directional light with the passage of in-game time.

    • Changes the skybox based on time of day​​​

Digging and Building


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