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Flux Fire Fight

Unity C#

Developed at the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy in Orland, FL.

Flux Fire Fight is a 80's inspired top-down Rogue-like shooter where the outcome of the game's core mechanics are all determined by RNG. Dealing and taking damage triggers a slot machine-style effect that doles out status effects, critical hits, and other quirky modifiers.

What Did I Do?

I focused on gameplay and event scripting and encounter design.


Some highlights of my work include:

  • Event scripting​​

    • Designed and implemented a Final Combat Sequence where the player must defend an area from increasing waves of enemies, as explosions rock the play area with more and more frequency.

    • Created a scripted event that enables power for the play area, toggling music, triggering animations, and enables and disabling lights.

  • Weapon and Item functionality

    • Designed and programmed several unique weapon behaviors:

      • Alien-inspired "Smart Gun" that always fires at the closest enemy within the targeting area.​

      • Double-barreled shotgun modelled after the Super Shotgun from Doom 2016.

    • Implemented a variety of powerups and item pickups:

      • Time Paradox Gloves that slow time while reloading.​

      • A passive companion modelled after the Plasma Caster from the Predator Franchise that periodically locks onto and attacks nearby enemies.

    • Built systems for recoil, weapon inventory and collection, and weapon inaccuracy values.​

  • AI Behavior

    • Implemented AI behaviors for ranged and melee enemies that handled their movement, attacks, and various unique features.

Final Combat Sequence
Generator Event
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