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The Logician

Unity C#

Developed at the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy in Orlando, FL.


The Logician is a farming game inspired by Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon, but with programming! In The Logician, players rebuild their family farm with the help of programmable assistants. Players can learn to automate the planting, watering, and harvesting of their crops as well as augment their programs with a variety of conditionals and loops.

What Did I Do?

I focused on gameplay/audio scripting and level design.


Some highlights of my work include:

  • Audio System Scripting

    • Designed and implemented an audio system for handling the game's SFX assets. The system allowed for easy sound clip calling​ across the entire code base.

    • Designed to for easy use by any team member.

    • Created a system for crossfading audio clips to facilitate musical transitions based on time of day.

    • Expanded upon Unity's audio framework to create scripting methods for playing 2D and 3D SFX.

  • Fishing Mini-game

    • Created a mini-game that abstracts the concepts of logical statement evaluation learned in Discrete Mathematics.​

    • Designed to present complex mathematical concepts in a manner easily understood and absorbed by middle-schoolers.

    • Randomly generates a fish as a collection of sprites and then generates logical AND/OR statements pertaining to details about the fish.

    • Players evaluate the statements with true or false in order to catch the fish within the time limit.

  • Level Design

    • Design and creation of the 3d playspace.​

    • Terrain sculpting and painting.

    • Barn and House design and construction.

Fishing with Discrete Math
Programming Walkthrough
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