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Project Folklore:
Why Did Baba Yaga Take My Brother?
UDK 4 - Vive

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Developed at the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy in Orlando, FL.


Why Did Baba Yaga Take My Brother, also known as Project Folklore, is a VR-narrative experience for young children. Developed as a research tool for a University of Florida doctoral student, the game was built to evaluate how well young children are learning the concept of empathy and displaying empathic behavior.

What Did I Do?

I focused on game design, writing, and audio development.

Some highlights of my work include:

  • Game Design and Documentation

    • Conceptualized and documented the game's core gameplay loop and interactivity mechanics.

    • Prototyped several different tutorials utilizing both infographics and scripted gameplay.

    • Iterated upon gameplay and usability based on playtest feedback.

    • Researched into game usability for children.

  • Dialogue Recording and Writing

    • Wrote the dialogue and structured the dialogue trees for the game's interactable NPCs.

    • Directed, recorded, and processed the dialogue audio files.

Project Presentation

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